“ Let Us Build Together”

One of the key components to building a lasting and reputable brand is building relationships with the right people. La Pietra has always made it a top priority to partner with the best in the industry to bring superior products and service to the market. We work with each one of our distributors to carefully craft marketing materials and information in order to help them bring our thinstone product to their customers.

While relatively young to the marketplace, it is difficult to overlook that thinstone veneer is becoming a preferred choice amongst architects, designers and homeowners. This preference is driven primarily by the quality and design of our products along with it’s pure authenticity, cost saving attributes and ease of installation.
La Pietra sources stone from an extensive network or quarries located in the New England area. Our thinstone will exceed the expectations of those trying to achieve the quintessential charm and beauty of New England through the use of 100% natural stone. Learn more about how to bring your customers the best of what nature has to offer in the stone industry by contacting us today.

The Product

Thinstone Veneers is becoming a more preffered option due to its design integrity,and quality. In addition to quality in design and application, cost efficiency is also another major benefit of going ThinStone. Not only are thinstone veneers less costly than full bed stone, but installation is extremely simple in comparison.

Custom Blends

With absolute customer satisfaction being the very core of La Pietra for decades now, our goal is to not only provide the best everlasting product, but also to ensure that any client or project gets exactly what they want, with no exceptions.

Although our collection of stones are carefully selected and combined to offer the most optimal quality in finish and durability, we also understand that tastes will always differ. With our “custom blend” program, now you can enjoy a wide variety of stones to match your exact specs with various colors, sizes and pattern combinations.

If you like what you see but require something uniquely different for your project or clients, please feel free to contact us at anytime. Our veteran staff will assist you with sizes and most importantly color palates to best fit your needs.

Becoming A Dealer

If your clients have demanding standards of quality and look to achieve that ultimate New England exterior, then let’s talk!

By becoming a dealer not only will we offer you a 100% all natural product locally sourced from New England, but we will also offer first class support in helping you spread the word to your valuable clients.

Whether that means offering great co-operative marketing/ advertising programs or offering in-store visits to personally educate your customers, La Pietra is dedicated to closely collaborating with all of our dealers to ensure only the healthiest working relationships.

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Whether you are working on a complex project for a discerning client, looking for additional products to showcase in your store, or enhancing a D.I.Y project, our veteran staff is ready for you.

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