Thinstone  Veneers (a division of La Pietra) was a culmination of decades of knowledge and experience in fitting all building types with the finest in stone.


Explore our 100% all natural locally sourced stone, ready to make any design simply stunning.


Want to see what our Thin Stone Veneers look like in actual life? Then take a look at the latest real live design.


Autumn Ridge

This granite sourced from CT offers a beautiful weathered finish with wonderful subtle accents that blend in with the stone. All this thanks to mother nature. From a light peachy beige with subtle white marbling to a more bold and defined Gray, the autumn ridge collection will provides any space true beauty that can also be gained with age.

Montauk Blue

What truly makes Montauk Blue truly a remarkable stone is its mica patterned finish with some cuts, while others expose an exquisitely subtle marbling pattern along with straight lines through part of the stones surface. Sourced from the outer reaches of Vermont, this all natural granite boasts beautiful tones with organic patterns to match.

New England Blend

The New England Blend collection is a special blend of granites also locally sourced from Connecticut. With a wide range of colors from steel blue grays to oxidized iron browns, the combination of these colors followed by the signature granite patterning in the darker gray stones exudes the quintessentially luxuriously authentic New England Blend look.


The unique character of the Southampton collection is revealed by its deeply pronounced grains all closely woven together. Southampton is a form of Gneiss, that is native to the northeastern parts of Connecticut. They come in numerous shades of beige and gray with some having rusted brown accents also processed naturally. For a grittier look supplemented with beautiful bold faced colors,

Chatham Blend

Just like fine granites that can also bring out the best of any interior, the Chatham Blend is an all natural ensemble of fine granites also locally sourced from CT that can now bring that same elegance everywhere else. Colors are mostly composed of a soft blend between beige and gray with occasional metallic accents hidden inside the very profound compounded pattern.

Long Island Blend

With a wide array of brighter beiges, grays and even oxidize iron browns, the Long Island Blend collection is another all natural granite unearthed from the grounds of Connecticut and features beautiful matte finishes combined with a very strong presence of the signature granite patterns in most stones. A recommended choice for those seeking a rustically vibrant look.