Our stone is sourced from the most beautiful New England countryside.

From our beautiful mountains to your beatiful home, enjoy a full palette of colors and exquisite patterns that only mother nature can provide.

"La Pietra has been a long time dealer and the only manufacturer that carries the finest thinstone veneers that look real and authentic.

Ann K.

"Most of my customers love the samples from La Pietra's thinstone collections. The quality is hard to beat!"

Juanita Moran

"The most natural thinstone veneers available on the market"

Rehaan Whitfield

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Precision Cut For the Perfect Fit and Perfect Look

As such, their unique lines, patterns and textures tell the history of the nation.



Over the last decade and a half, we have worked with many discerning customers and their exceptionally high standards. Throughout this time we have learned that everyone has a different perception of beauty regardless how intricate the design. We Always present the best solution to fit your design.

What makes La Pietra Thinstone Veneers unique?

When you build with La Pietra, you can be sure that your stone is coming from local quarries throughout New England. At La Pietra we are proud to source our raw materials from the surrounding region and landscape, and process the stone into every color shape and size right here at home in Connecticut.

When you purchase from La Pietra, you are supporting our regional traditions and economies. Our heritage lies in stone, our quarries are historic sites, our traditions are irreplaceable, you are purchasing a piece of history to enjoy for years to come.

How can I purchase your stone veneer?

Our collection can be purchased from one of our authorized retailers located near you. Contact us and we’ll connect you with a dealer that’s knowledgeable about our product and can customize your purchase based on your unique needs.

Why choose thinstone veneer?

Thinstone veneer has become the preferred choice amongst architects, landscape architects, designers, homeowners, and builders. 

La Pietra only uses real natural stone, our thinstone is split, cut, and chiseled to about 80% the weight and thickness of typical full bed veneer. This allows our stone to maintain its natural strength, durability and beauty while shedding many of the limitations of typical cut stone. 

Thinstone can be used on both exteriors and interiors, and is easier and faster to install than typical full bed veneer which translates to overall faster and more cost effective projects. 

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