about us

At La Pietra Thinstone Veneers, we don’t just offer stones; we provide pieces of history, carving out timeless elegance from the very heart of New England.

Our journey, deeply rooted in decades of unparalleled expertise and profound respect for the craft, has transformed spaces with the finest stone installations, be it bespoke countertops, elegant backsplashes, or alluring exteriors.

Embarking on a venture to expand our offerings, La Pietra Thinstone Veneers emerged, marrying our long-standing tradition of excellence with innovative approaches to stone crafting. 

Our mission has always been crystal clear:

to provide not just stones, but versatile, 100% natural thinstone veneers that can transform any space, be it through a refined exterior makeover, a cozy fireplace refacing, or an opulent wine cellar design, always ensuring an authentic “New England” look that is both cost-effective and unparalleled in quality.

In Every Stone, A Piece of New England

Our signature Connecticut stone is renowned as the epitome of beauty in the New England region. Each piece is a fragment of history, reclaimed from the walls built by farmers in the 1700s to demarcate their properties. The weathered, old granite, exclusive to New England, echoes the enduring and timeless aesthetic of the antique look that has captivated discerning tastes for decades.