We’ve answered most of our frequently asked questions here. If you need more help, please contact us.

What makes La Pietra stones unique?

Our stones are sourced from the most-beautiful countryside in the New England region. As such, their unique lines, patterns and textures tell the history of the nation. Our unique New England “look” is unmatched and timeless for decades to come.

When you purchase from La Pietra, sourced locally from quarries and historic granite sites, you’re purchasing a piece of history to enjoy for years to come.

How can I purchase your stone veneers?

You can purchase LaPietra stones from one of our authorized retailers located near you. Contact us and we’ll connect you with a dealer that’s knowledgeable about our collections and can customize your purchase based on your unique needs.

How do I find a LaPietra dealer or retailer near me?

We would be happy to connect you with a dealer that’s knowledgeable about our offerings and customize your purchase based on your unique needs.

How do I become a dealer?

If your clients have demanding standards of quality and look to achieve that ultimate New England exterior, then let’s talk!

By becoming a dealer not only will we offer you a 100% all-natural product locally sourced from New England, but we will also offer first-class support in helping you spread the word to your valuable clients.

Whether that means offering great co-operative marketing/ advertising programs or offering in-store visits to personally educate your customers, La Pietra is dedicated to closely collaborating with all of our dealers to ensure only the healthiest working relationships.

What’s the difference between Thinstone Veneers and other cuts?

In the world of architectural stone, there are more and more options available to the building market. Along with the extensive choices, comes some confusion over terminology.

Full Thickness:
Stone with natural bed depth; bed depth is the measurement from the face of the rock to the install surface. Natural bed depths range with types of stone and the grade of stone. Higher face values will, generally, increase the bed depth. A good general gauge for ledge is a bed depth of 3″-5″, which has a wide range of face values for visual interest and variety. The weight averages 60 pounds per square foot. A differential in depth is desirable as it allows for more movement across the face of a project and creates interesting eye appeal.

Premium Cut:
Natural stone can be sawn, or have a “cut back” to create depth, with variation in relief along the surface. The stone’s most desirable face is turned out and the parallel edge is sawn at a bed depth chosen by the client. Cut backs can come in a 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ or 7″ bed depth. This option gives the illusion of a thicker stone, without the weight of full thickness stone. Premium Cut offers consistent bed depths, cuts down on installation time and is readily available. Weights will range from 27 pounds to 93 pounds per square foot.

Thin Veneer:
Thin veneer is commonly misconstrued as artificial rock, while it is indeed natural stone. Most natural stone is a veneer, or facing installed over the front of the sub surface. With natural stone thin veneer, the stone is cut similarly to the cut backs but with an average bed depth of 1”. The actual finished bed depths will range from 3/4″ to 1 1/4″, due to the natural surface of individual stones. Thin veneer can be installed anywhere artificial stone is called for because of the drastically decreased weight of only 13 pounds (on average) per square foot. The benefits are the look and feel of natural stone, without the structural requirements of full thickness stone.

Why should I choose thinstone veneers vs. full bed stones?

While relatively young to the marketplace, it is difficult to overlook that thinstone veneer is becoming a preferred choice amongst architects, designers and homeowners. This preference is driven primarily by the quality and design of our products along with their more affordable costs and ease of installation compared to full bed building stones. Additionally, full stones are heavier and typically require more frequent cleaning to maintain their appearance.

La Pietra sources stone from an extensive network of quarries located in the New England area. Our thinstone will exceed the expectations of those trying to achieve the quintessential charm and beauty of New England through the use of 100% natural stone. Discover what the best of nature has to offer with our stones and contact us to find a LaPietra dealer today.

How should I install your stone veneers?

Installation of adhered natural stone veneer is fairly straightforward but requires a professional tradesman with an expert eye to arrange the stones in an ideal pattern.

Please, refer to the BSi Adhered Stone Veneer Installation Guide to learn exactly how to install natural thin stone veneers from surface prep to building code requirements, and every “special challenge” in between.

Do the stones come already cut and assembled?

The stones presented on this website and in our catalog have been cut/chiseled by a professional mason to achieve the desired look. Therefore, the photos do not reflect the stone upon delivery.

Always request a free sample from your dealer.

Will the stones look the same as the photos on your website?

Natural stone varies in color, veining and pattern from piece to piece. La Pietra is not responsible for photos used in color literature, websites or emails, as they may not accurately reflect actual material. Photos are used to reflect general aesthetic of the material and should not be used for color matching.

Always request a free sample from your dealer.

Can I make a “custom blend” of stone?

Although our collection of stones are carefully selected and combined to offer the most optimal quality in finish and durability, we also understand that tastes will always differ. With our “custom blend” program, now you can enjoy a wide variety of stones to match your exact specs with various colors, sizes and pattern combinations.

If you like what you see but require something uniquely different for your project or clients, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our veteran staff will assist you with sizes and most importantly color palates to best fit your needs.

Do you have a catalog?

Yes, feel free to download our catalogs below.